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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  April 23, 2016 3:00am-4:01am EDT

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right now on fox 29, a terrifying attack but a woman fights back against the man police believe was going to rape her and it's all caught on tape on a local street. good evening, i'm dawn dim feature. that scary scene unfolded early wednesday morning in south philadelphia. that's where fox 29's shawnette wilson is live tonight. shawnette, the attacker is still out there? >> reporter: he is, dawn, and police worry the next victim might not be as lucky. pay close attention. we are about to show you pictures of a man police want desperately to catch. surveillance pictures show a 19-year-old woman fighting for her life. as police say a man tried to sexually assault her. you can see the victim's hand on the man's neck as they struggle on the ground. the suspect has one hand around the back of the woman's head.
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>> it's very unnerving. >> reporter: yvette heard what happened as she walked along the very block where it happened. police say it was around 1:30 wednesday morning on the 1300 block of wharton street in south philly. the victim was walking home when she noticed a man following her. she quickly pulled out her pepper spray and just in time. police say the man in this photo grabbed her from behind. >> he pulled her dress down, the top of of of her dress he pulled down exposing her. she managed to fight him off and pepper spray him at which time he fled. >> reporter: suspect took off running on 1200 block of south claire i don't know street. >> i'm really shocked especially in this area. you have the police up here. very observant quick if you need them. it's almost like the suburbs here. >> reporter: police passed out flyers in the neighborhood warning of what happened. >> my neighbor just told me i literally just found out. >> reporter: it's frightening to many like ellen kenny. >> i'm really scared, yeah, everybody is probably feels the same way. >> reporter: take good look at
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the pictures which police say are clear enough for someone to recognize and help police identify the man before he strikes again. >> but it's good she was able to protect herself. she knew enough. >> reporter: and back here live, you saw those pictures. they were good. they were really clear. so if you recognize this man, call police and of course you can do so anonymous. dawn, back to you. >> all right. thank you, shawnette. on your radar, some rain in spots. let's get right over to chief meteorologist scott williams. hey. >> hi there dawn. we are keeping tabs on ultimate doppler. not everyone getting wet. looking at the pockets moving in camden county and burlington county not done with the rainfall just yet. zoom in little closer. pretty dry around philadelphia once you move into, say, camden county also burlington county looking at some of that moderate to maybe even heavy rain. but look if a are to the west still watching a line of showers approaching harrisburg also hagerstown, maryland, that will
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be headed in our direction overnight tonight. so as we expand the view, take a look at the clouds. look at showers across the area. even some thunderstorms. so temperatures are still pretty mild. upper 60s along the i-95 corridor. low to mid 60s a little cooler down the shore. so here's the setup. overnight tonight, we're watching that disturbance move in from the west. we'll keep the clouds. we'll keep the showers around and early tomorrow morning don't be surprised for some clouds and showers out there before that system moves to the south. we see winds out of the north. temperatures will be a little cooler than today's high of 78. only 70 degrees for tomorrow. so coming up we'll talk about that entire weekend forecast, temperature changes and the pollen count which will unfortunately maintain it's pretty high status. dawn, back to you. >> thank you, scott. we are following developing news. tragic news out of the state of ohio. right now authorities are on the hunt for whoever shot and killed eight people execution style in
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the town of pipe pike ton. all eight people are part of the same family. the crimes happened inside four different homes. investigators aren't even sure yet how many people are behind the murders. >> right now, we have no one in custody. i want to you were everyone to be under the understanding that there's a strong possibility that any individuals involved with this are armed and extremely dangerous. >> investigators will be working those crime scenes throughout the night. they are urging the public to call 911 if they have any information at all that may be of help. the city of wilmington is mourning tonight a 16-year-old girl who was beaten and killed inside her own school. jennifer joyce talked to the young woman's heart broken family and friends. >> reporter: unite united throuh prayer prevent future trap dear clever engineering students and members of the community gathered to remember amy frances
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joyner a 16-year-old beaten to death yesterday inside of a bathroom at howard high school of technology in wilmington. >> hurt a lot of hurt. >> reporter: classmates gathered on school grounds to begin the grieving process. high school senior jasmine says she was a big sister to amy and would often share advice how to deal with bullies in the school. >> just recently talking to her about this kind of stuff dealing with females and jealousy and telling her don't worry about nobody. just worry about yourself. >> reporter: amy's father sonny said he wasn't aware of anything that was going on with his daughter at school and now his heart is aching for answers. >> all i know is that my daughter is gone, and she was the love of my life. >> reporter: 2015 howard graduate angela says no parent should have to endure this pain. she posted an i am amy pledge on social media. she hopes it goes viral to help rally change. >> this goes into schools take the pledge, next time you get in
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an argument think about it, walk away. be better than you were yesterday. >> reporter: sonny frances has been in close contact with wilmington police and he's anxiously awaiting updates as to how and why this daughter was killed. >> we feel that things will come to light for us. >> reporter: an autopsy is being performed on the victim's body. spokesperson tells me that we can have the results as early as monday. at this point charges have not been filed. reporting in wilmington i'm jennifer joyce fox 29 news. hundreds attend tearful memorial service in new jersey today for beloved superintendent. parents, students, teachers and community members all filling the princeton alliance church to remember dr. city haven't mayer. the popular superintendent of the robbinsville school district died tuesday morning after he was hit by a car while he was out for jog. so many people turned out to today's event that the memorial service was also fed via video to another nearby local church.
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a woman who set her newborn baby on fire and left her in the middle of south jersey street sentenced to 30 years in prison. she was sentenced today after pleading guilty in february to aggravated manslaughter. torts say the 23-year-old pemberton township woman doused her baby with some kind of accelerant and then set her on fire in january of 2015. that baby had third degree burns over 60% of her body. she died at the hospital. prosecutors say the woman hid her pregnancy from her family. ♪ we're learning more tonight about the investigation into the death of prince. the last time he was scene alive was wednesday night when an acquaintance dropped him off the his minnesota compound where he was found dead thursday morning. also tonight investigators are promising to protect the music legend's privacy while also providing fans with answers about what took his life. fox's mike tobin with the story. >> it's remarkable lots. >> reporter: president obama
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responding to the death of music icon prince with this tribute at a news conference in london friday. >> it so happens our ambassador has a turn table, so this morning we played purple reign and delirious just to get warmed up. >> reporter: back in washington, d.c., prince's image was official added to the walls of the national portrait galle gallery. >> what we're thrilled about is that we have a piece to recognize his great contribution to american history and culture r report overnight many fans holding all night dance party including this one minnesota club first avenue where he filmed his iconic perp pell rain. the cast the musical the color purple paying tribute with a rendition of purple reign. somber scene continues out his paisley park recording studios much the 57 was found unresponsive in an elevator there thursday. >> staph members from paisley park had been -- been unable to contact prince yesterday morning and went to check on him. >> reporter: now a death investigation continues a four-hour autopsy was performed
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friday on the late artist with his body being released to the family later empty day. >> there were no obvious signs of trauma on the body at all. we have no reason to believe that at this point this was a suicide. this is a tragedy for all of us. to you, prince rogers nelson was a celebrity. to us, he's a community member and a good neighbor. >> reporter: last week prince canceled shows in st. louis citing health concerns and before that he had recently canceled concerts in atlanta sight citing the flu. so far the medical examiner is not commenting saying only that the toxicology scan could take weeks. in minnesota, mike tobin, fox news. 15 people are facing charges to night accused of being part of a major cocaine trafficking operation in chester, delaware county. the pennsylvania attorney general joining authorities today to announce the arrest of 11 suspected drug dealers. warrants have also been issued for four others kathleen kane says a year long investigation reveal the operation was being run out of a chester housing
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project. authorities say 37-year-old james townsend was the ringleader. >> the townsend organization effectively used the cover of the housing development for distribution of large amounts of cocaine. this townsend organization continuously used counter surveillance to locate, identify and neutralize police presence. >> kane says the group sold between five and $15 million worth of cocaine on the streets of chester from january to december of 2015. his home filled with heavy smoke and flames block the path to safety but a local dad pulled off a daring rescue. >> i was scared. i really thought -- i really thought i was going to die. >> this father described how he managed to get his five children including infant twins out of a burning home just in the nick of time. plus a rare and dangerous weather phenomenon known as a dust definitely sends children and teachers running. what happened to one little boy
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that you might find hard to believe. plus, it's a place to relax and have some fun but local police say this woman created some serious stress at a local business. what she did as a camera rolled. it's prom season and very special formal affair is wrapping up at a local university. why students are working so hard to make lasting memories.
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♪ more than a dozen people are out of their homes tonight after fire ripped through several row
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homes in camden early this morning. authorities don't think i it was any accident. let's get straight out to fox 29's brad sattin live for us in camden tonight. brad? >> reporter: for sure, dawn. very scary morning for a family. they all ended up in the hospital. good news is they're okay. you'll hear from them in a few moments. neighbors say disgruntled former tenant threatened to start a fire there just hours before it broke out. scared. i really thought i was going to die. >> reporter: vazquez wasn't just scared for himself but for his wife and five kids including twin infants asleep in the home in the 800 block of haddon avenue. >> there is a house completely engulfed in flames. i hope nobody has any kids in there. >> my wife she started screaming there's fire, there's a fire! jumped out of the bed and the house was already filled with fire. >> upstairs apartment smoke filled the downstairs apartment and front of their building engulfed in flames. >> we couldn't even breathe already.
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i was about to pass out trying to get my kids out. i couldn't even see each other yet. >> he broke through a back window got everyone on to this fire walk and off to safety. all seven of them taken to the hospital and are recovering. >> when i came to the door the fire said poof just like that. and i was like oh my god it's going hit a gas main and we're all -- the whole neighborhood is going to blow up. >> reporter: no one seriously hurt but it could have been so much worse. julio de jesus and his father live next door. >> i was sleeping and i hear the dog barking a lot. he never bark like that. i wake up see the smoke. >> report roar your dog really saved the day. >> he saved my life. >> reporter: camden police say it appears the fire was deliberately set. one person now in cut deem neighbor it's a woman who just been evicted a day earlier and was out for revenge. >> a lady was evicted, and take her out and she said she going
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to fire the apartment and she did. >> reporter: she threatened to start fire? >> yeah. >> reporter: well we can tell you some of the tenants are still out of their homes tonig tonight. they're being told they will be allowed back in early next week. as we mentioned police saying at this point that one person is in custody but the prosecutor' office here just saying that the investigation, dawn, is on goi going. >> all right, brad, thank you. philadelphia police are trying to track down the woman who they say stole cash from business in queen village. take look at this surveillance video. police say the woman in the black dress there waited until workers at painting with a twist were not looking and snatched a cash box. it happened back in march while employees were about to close for the day. investigators say the woman also took a worker's cell phone. if you know who she is call police. four days before primaries in pennsylvania and delaware and candidates are criss-crossing the region to sure up support from voters. >> we got to win. you got to get out and you have to vote. >> republican frontrunner donald trump campaigning this afternoon
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at the delaware state fairgrounds in harrington. with such a late primary in the state, it usually doesn't get to have an influence during the nominating process, but this year winning delaware's 16 delegates could have an effect on whether trump can avoid couldn't testified convention. although rival ted cruz is still a hurdle. >> it's easy to talk about making america great again. you can even print that on a baseball cap. >> senator cruz mocking trump at a rally in scranton. cruz focusing his stump speech on young voters saying he's the best candidate to face off against the eventual democratic nominee. closer to home democrat hillary clinton stumping in montgomery county today as bill anderson tells us she hosted around table in jenkintown focusing on women' issues. >> reporter: hillary clinton came to our area today for a small meeting in jenkintown. days away from tuesday's pennsylvania primary election she hopes to generate excitement
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from local supports as she discussed women's issues. >> what it means to me an exciting opportunity for us to elect the most qualified person that we can pick and it happens to be a woman. >> reporter: the event was held at curds and whey woman owned business and serve as an intimate environment for mostly women to discuss solutions to the issue issues that unite the. >> women are supporting families, women are contributing to families. women are the main driver of the american economy because we are 70% consumption economy. >> reporter: secretary clinton gave only brief opening comments and reserved the rest of the nearly an hour answering questions and personal interactions. >> i also worked 12 to 14 hours a day to prove to my supervisor to keep me. when i come back you want me because i work hard. ultimately it cost me my health mine pregnancy. >> your story is all too common.
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what happen to you was not only wrong, it's illegal. >> clinton traditionally does well with this demographic and the excitement continues today but the real issue is excitement translates into enough delegates to reach the threshold and secure the nomination. tuesday will be another step toward answering that question. >> the crowd was obviously pro hillary but many of them expressed an appreciation for seeing a different side of her. she gave longer, more personal answers and stayed and took pictures with as many people as wanted them. it remains to be seen if this new approach translates to more votes or good feelings. we'll fine that out on tuesday much in the newsroom, i'm bill anderson fox 29 news. meanwhile rival bernie sanders was in west philadelphia this morning where he turned his criticism to another democrat, mayor jim kenney. he called out the mayor's plea 3-cent sugary drink proposal. sanders says it's regressive and funds pre k education on the backs of the poor.
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in response mayor kenney who has endorsed h. hillary clinton says proposal is not attacks on the poor but a corporate tax in instead. there is a lot up for grabs in the keystone state, and delaware on tuesday. of course, we will bring you complete election results on tuesday night right here on fox 29 news at 10. a truck ends up in a really tough spot. what it was hauling that was just too much for a parking lot to take. police say an accused robber made their jobs pretty easy after hitting several businesses officers say he practically walk right into their handcuffs. and one man is about to turn into a walking billboard and these advertisements won't go away. what businesses are doing to earn a spot on his body. now with tomorrow's traffic, here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. got some big delays coming our way tomorrow. crews will be working on the schuylkill expressway between city avenue and passyunk avenue all day.
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that's going leave delays in and out of the city there. 95 work crews both directions between broad and academy, and we have a couple of regattas on the river, bergen and kelly cup and catholic legal championshi championships. give your sell plenty of time on
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>> now your winning lottery
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numbers. ♪ reasonable areas in parts of texas are still underwater days after heavy rains pounded the region. state representatives are now introducing a bill which is set to give $311 million for army corps flood control construction efforts in the houston area. politicians say it's going to take a whole lot of money to control the devastating flood waters. >> elected officials are going to have to give it a lot of personal attention. but there's one thing we cannot escape. it's going to require money as well. money is going to be needed. we will not, we will not get the relief we seek without spending money. >> at least eight people have died in texas as a result of the recent floods. meantime, a truck used a pump flood water ends up in a frightening position. take a look at this. it happened earlier today in
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houston. officials say the truck was filled with flood water and became too heavy for the parking garage it was parked on and broke right through. the garage is attached to mall. luckily no one was hurt. in london president obama and the first lady swing on over to kensington palace for dinner tonight. prince william, kate and prince harry greeting the obamas as they arrived at the palace. the dinner mark the end of the first couple's visit to the united ding kingdom. president obama meeting with prime minister david cameron earlier in the day to address a range of international and domestic affairs. he wasn't armed with 95 or a gun but local police say this shoplifter pulled something pretty scary from his pocket. what he used to make a clean get away. and a dog ends up in a fight for his life. why an alligator didn't stand a chance against this guy. scott? >> dawn, right now as we take look at the satellite/radar, we're looking at clouds, occasional showers across the area. this system will be moving
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through. it could impact part of yr weekend that. updated forecast next. the pollen count, new information on that, plus more rainfall chances, your
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>> right now police are trying to track down the man who attacked woman as she walked on the street in south philadelph philadelphia. these surveillance images show the attack as it happened. you can see the victim grabbing at the man's neck during a violent struggle about 1:30 on wednesday morning. police say the woman was walking along the 1300 block of wharton street when she noticed us a suspect following her. he grabbed her and pulled down her dress. but the woman was able to fight back using pepper spray to get him away. police are urging anyone who might recognize this guy to please give them call. an autopsy was performed today on music legend prince. the 57-year-old was found dead inside his minneapolis estate yesterday. authorities say it could be weeks before we know the exact cause of death. tmz citing sources saying prince was treated for a drug overdose
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last week but people close to the musician say he had the flu. philadelphia police are on the hunt for a man accused of of threatening a pharmacy worker with a needle and stealing from the store. take look at this security footage police say this an man walk into the rite aid along east allegheny avenue and tried to leave the store without paying for air wick air fresheners. when the security officer tried to stop the man authorities say he pulled out a hypodermic needle threaten the guard and then took off. if you know who he is, give police a call. on this earth day leaders from nearly 200 different countries signed an agreement on climate change at the united nations. u.s. secretary of state john kerry sign the historic paris agreement on climate change with his granddaughter in his arms. under the agreement countries set their own targets for cut down on greenhouse gases. leonardo dicaprio taking to the stage at the event to call on leaders to take historic action. the non-binding treat was
3:30 am
approved in france in december after years of negotiations. well, on this earth day, fox 29 helped the community get rid of some of their old mail. our lauren johnson has the story from parx casino. >> reporter: one by one -- >> it's free for them. it's our way of helping with the community. >> reporter: people spent their earth day cleaning up their carbon footprint. >> a lot of old tax papers, and medical papers and things of that nature. >> reporter: we join up with parks park casino. >> this is our second year partnering with you guys on that. last year was maze. >> reporter: to help get rid of old papers, old bills, old mail. >> so you're not moving bags from corner to corner. any more like that. time to lean up, clean out. >> reporter: patricia beard says this was long overdue. >> too long, too long, too long. >> reporter: now, she's relieved it's all gone. >> i feel good. (laughter). >> i feel really good. >> reporter: she couldn't done it faster than these pros. it takes 20 seconds to destroy
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200 pounds of paper. >> i'm going to take them up on it and take advantage of it. >> reporter: that's a lot in there. how long have you had this? >> now, personal information is kept private. while clutter gets cleaned up. and then another way to win at the end. >> $10 free slot play for anyone who comes and shreds their papers today. >> reporter: at parx kaseen new york lauren johnson fox 29 news. in cam, virtua and 76ers teamed up for their earth day project. employees from the two companies painted and cleaned boys and girls club of camden county. 200 people pitching in. the sixers say their outrage efforts are focused on developing -- developing young leaders. they plan to open a practice facility in camden before the start of next season. >> on your your radar some rain some pots out there scott william. >> little rain on this earth day. we need the rain because the pollen levels have been through the roof for really the entire week. thanks to high pressure being in control. so a lot of sunshine, also
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temperatures above average but we need the rain. so as we look at ultimate doppler, a little bit out there. not a wash out. occasional showers as you move into parts of camden county, also, burlington county, some thunderstorms still off to the west. so we still have some chances for some overnight showers and then early on your saturday as well because that system is still off to the west. but you can see pittsburgh the central part of the state still looking at more coverage. this will continue to rotate through during the overnight time frame. so as we watch the clock, here's midnight. moving toward the lehigh valley, the pocono mountains still looking at showers maybe a rumble of thunder, and then you can see more coverage south jersey, central, southern parts of delaware. so as we go hour by hour, this is what we're watching here during the overnight time frame and early tomorrow morning. we'll keep those chances for some rainfall early on your saturday morning. here's 4am. you can see more activity moving toward the i-95 corridor. but don't cancel any plans for
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tomorrow. but don't be surprised if you wake up running some of your saturday errands that were still dealing with mostly cloudy skies and look at the clock here. 8:00 a.m. you can see green still showing up on the map across the area. the high temperature today mater up to 78 degrees. well above the normal for this time of year which is 66 but look how hot it can get. 90 degrees back in 1985. temperatures right now still pretty mild because of the cloud cover across the area. 69 in trenton. 69 philadelphia. even in the upper 60s still in parts of the lehigh valley. so as we watch what happens with that disturbance as it moves through during the overnight, early tomorrow morning, you can see still watching out for some shower chances across the area, but that area of low pressure will slowly but surely pull to the south of us and take at a look by the afternoon we're looking at mostly sunny skies, temperatures several degrees above the average. right around 70 degrees. so how much rain are we talking on average a quarter of an inch,
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maybe up to half an inch places like wildwood, moving toward rehoboth beach. not enough really to wash all of that pollen out of here. take a look at the forecast. over the next several days, saturday still in the high category. sunday as well as monday. the scale only goes to 12. so for tonight, scattered showers. it stays mild. 60 degrees the temperature in the city. moving ahead to tomorrow, once again early for your saturday errands, grab an umbrella keep it handy a couple of scattered showers around it stays mild and also stays breezy and then as we take look at the forecast for the pocono mountains, temperatures tomorrow in the low 60s. 64 degrees on sunday. we'll keep those early morning showers around. down the shore, those showers are going to linger temperatures will be in the low 60s. water temperatures right around 52 degrees. so the weekend looking pretty good. 80 degrees by monday. more shower chances dawn towards next week so it's not going to
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be as dry as it was this week. >> right but we need the rain. >> we really do. >> thanks, scott. dust definitely sends students and teachers running in china. what happened to one little boy that you have to see to believe. and cuba is rolling out the welcome mat for a u.s. cruise ship. what the island nation is doing to make it smooth sailing for carnival. and what exactly is in a name? a lot of money apparent apparently. why parents are paying professionals big bucks
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♪ a young boy is injured in china when he gets swept off the ground by a severe dust storm. frequent storms are called dust devils. they are tornado like psych clones of whirling dust spiraling more than 10 feet into the sky. three dust devils hit this elementary school. teachers raced to evacuate the students but the third dust definitely whipped a student nearly 10 feet into the air. he suffered minor head injuries when he fell to the ground. he is at the hospital. in your money tonight, paying big bucks for a professional baby namer? that's right. new parents are actually doing this. a branding firm is charging about $29,000 to name a newborn. that is a huge price tag. it will get i was name that's
3:39 am
been vetted by historians who make sure it doesn't have a negative origin. the agency makes sure the name hasn't been trademarked. the firm says it's often hired by parents who can't agree on name or just feel overwhelmed trying to pick one. the first u.s. cruise ship to cuba in more than half a century is about to set sale. cuba has loosen its policy banning cuban more than americans from traveling to cuba by ship. initially carnival couldn't sell tickets to cuban americans. protests and lawsuits pressured the cruise liner to postpone its voyages until the rule was changed. the first trip will take place on may first. two pilots are back at it relying on solar power to fly around the world. they started their journey months ago but had to land to fix a couple of things. now they're back in the air. the swiss made solar impulse two departed hawaii on thursday. it's expected to land in northern california on sunday.
3:40 am
>> the training flights here went well. the team has done a fantastic job much the weather looks good. of course, exploration we don't know so we have to be ready for anything. >> aircraft landed in hawaii last july but had to stay on the island a little longer than expected after the plane's battery system suffered heat damage on its trip from japan. police say an accused robber made their job very easy. after hitting several businesses he practically stepped right into their handcuffs. an billboard that will last a lifetime. one man is willing to tattoo ads all over his body. why he says he's doing it for much more than money. plus, the prom that local college students hop
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♪ it is prom season and tonight on the st. joe's university campus it was a very special dance for some young people who have worked through some big challenges in their life. some individuals with autism celebrated a milestone for many american teens thanks to the university. joanne pileggi shows us how it all came together. >> really cool party here at st. joe's tonight. college students mixing it up
3:44 am
with people with special needs. it's a chance for all especially those with autism spec interrupt disorders to let loose and have fun. ♪ >> reporter: it's the season dj has the hit music, the dance floor is the place to be. this prom at st. joe's university at the kinney center for autism education and suppo support. >> this is an opportunity for students who haven't had the chance to go to prom throughout their years to get together and kind of experience what it's like. we have a huge inclusion model going on in the schools now and i think it's search for these kids to go through the same experiences that typically developing children do. >> reporter: and so to first ever kinney prom brings together the college students who are learning about special ed and behavioral sciences and the participants of the program. they shared pizza, pictures.
3:45 am
>> dancing. >> i believe the prom is really great. bingo! >> a few years ago it was one in 300 now it's one in 68. i think we need to make a shift from awareness to advocacy and that means doing and that means giving access to these students opportunities that they wouldn't either wise be able to take advantage of. ♪ >> reporter: the kinney center provides education and research for students, teachers and parents to help improve opportunities and quality of life in treatment for people with autism spectrum disorders. >> we don't count them out and say here they are, they have autism and now they're an add dull. we say what's next and where can we take them and that's the beauty of what worry doing here. every day we see growth. >> it's very nice. >> reporter: are you dancing? >> yes. a little bit. >> we just decided it would be fun thing to throw together and hopefully everyone has a good time. >> reporter: the experts say
3:46 am
it is so important that people with autism are not excluded from entertainment, fun and socializing that so many of us take for granted. and this prom is clearly making that happen. at st. joe's university, i'm joanne pileggi, fox 29 news. a police k9 survives a near death experience when an alligator in florida. dog was playing near a pond in st. petersburg when his officer owner heard heavy splashing and the dog's yelped. the officer found the dog with huge tear in his leg. the gator that went up against this guy is 8 feet long and no stranger to the local pond. wildlife officials say the dog must have bitten the gator back in order for it to let the dog loose. the pooch is expected to make a full recovery. police say a suspected robber in in order made things pretty for them. several businesses police say they didn't have -- i'm sorry, police say they didn't have to search very far to find him. fox's ken suarez has the story for us. >> reporter: he had no prob hem coming in with a stolen gun
3:47 am
to intimidate or more. lake wales police say he hit three businesses. each one close to the next on state road 60. all within the last week. >> anything to say. >> reporter: under questioning schuller admitted he was the guy they were looking for. larry how well 16-year-old niece was working the counter at this pizza place when investigators say schuller burst in and pointed the gun straight at her. >> i wasn't real sure what to do. i just wanted him to leave. so i -- i didn't want anybody to get hurt. i was afraid if i did anything stupid he might try to pull the trigger. i wanted her to give him the money so he can get out. >> he did and she did. >> at cvs the gun comes out again. terrified clerks hand over the cash and he taxi off his nectar get race track. just before sunrise. wearing the same thing as the intruder wore in the pizza hold up hoodie, shorts and flip-flops, detectives say schuller threatens clerks with his gun. grabs the cash and high tails it
3:48 am
out. that was not the end of his crime spree. >> early thursday morning around 3am, schuller makes a decision. not a very good one. he comes back to the scene of the last crime. race track. >> how often does the criminal go back to the scene of the crime? >> it's not real common. we don see it very often. >> reporter: detectives say they got lucky when schuller did. they were staking the place out ready to nab him and you know what, he shows up a little after 3am. >> cease not the sharp pest tool in the shed for sure. >> he's just 19. he all right has rap sheet which just got a little longer. in lake wales, ken suarez, fox news. a man in washington state is about to turn his body no a walking billboard for local businesses, but there is catch. those businesses have to donate to cause near and dear to his heart. 26-year-old mike jenson has plenty of open canvass and he's ready to consist in tattoos. he is selling patches for businesses to have their logos tattooed on to his body.
3:49 am
why? jenson wants to use the money to donate to the wounded warrior project. >> as long as they're willing to donate something to our veterans i'm willing to donate peace of skip. i'm becoming a permanent tattoo advertiser for businesses so i tattoo your logo on my front or my back and be advertising for you whenever i went. >> the transition to human billboard begins on tuesday. jenson says it's still not enough to show his appreciation for america's heroes. a meet and greet tonight in conshohocken to get to know the eagles new coach and raise money for a very good cause. the leukemia and lymphoma society woman of the year candidate kathy, along with her husband chris who is the head athletic trainer fort eagles hosting to night's event at the spring mill fire company. our own howard eskin indicating with the eagles head coach doug pederson. money raised tonight goes towards the leukemia and lymphoma societies. all right. flyers win!
3:50 am
>> making me look real dumb which is easy toto do. but still. real dumb. listen, the flyers, who knew? new goalie, new attitude. they're right back in the thick of things. the washington capitals have a history of choking things away. flyers are hoping history repeats itself. the fly guys keeping h
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
♪ well i thought it was over. done deal. flyers go down zero-three to the washington capitals. no way they're coming back. not to washington. empty your lockers it's timing to fishing. well, looks like i need to apologize. this series ain't over and the flyers still have a chance. second period no score. they know things are starting to turn your way when you start getting lucky. look at that. ryan white hits off the defender's 68 and goes in for you. well when you play with a guy named michael it's over. he shuts down everything after that. he had 44 safes. he's red hot. the flyers win two-zero. who could have predicted this they're coming back home. he says the more pressure, the better. >> it's good. i like to face lot of shots. keeps me in the game and i enjoy
3:54 am
it. guys did really good for me. i was seeing the puck well. we're still down in the series and i still got work to do. >> game six will be sunday at 12:00. phillies back in action tonight after avoiding getting swept by the mets. the phils showing something early they didn't show all of last year. the ability to salvage a series and stop losing streaks. now they're looking to start winning streak against the brewers. and there's only two guys you have to really worry about again the phils. that's ryan howard and maikel franco and they couldn't control franco. fifth inning mitts a bomb to left field. then in the seventh he does it once again. solo shot right to center. franco is crushing it. killing the fie. the fills are up five-one in the ninth. award season in the nba the sixers won't be seeing any awards any time soon but at least someone that somewhat local is getting some love in the nba portland trailblazer guard cj mccullum most improved
3:55 am
player of the year. cj went from seven points a guard to scoring 21 leading them to the playoffs. he averaged four assist. blazers get it done in the playoffs not really but still good for him. lehigh university grad. once again all about the flyers. >> yay! >> wow! >> zero-three. shut your mouth sean. you don't know anything about this game. they're getting it done it's a whole new series now. >> noon on sunday. >> they're going to win. >> i have to say it now. i had to jump on bore. i'm always wrong. they're going to win because all the pressure is on the capitals. they're playing loose and free and the flyers about to make history. let's hope so. >> your mega millions drawing is next followed beside an hour of entertainment news with tmz, dish nation, tune into chasing nouns the simpsons. we're back here at 7am with "good day philadelphia" weekend. have great night and thanks for
3:56 am
watching and go flyers! >> i might have just occurred us. that's what everyone is me right now. that's what everyone is me right now. ♪ ♪
3:57 am
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3:59 am
4:00 am
>> judge judy: i am sympathetic with you. >> announcer: he was ready to be a father... >> judge judy: you bought diapers and clothes and all the other things. >> i'm not angry at the baby. i bought that stuff for the child. >> announcer: ...but his future... >> i was planning on living a life with her. >> announcer: ...changed in a flash. >> judge judy: you were advised that you were not the father of this child. >> yes. >> judge judy: you knew there was a possibility he wasn't the father. what took you so long to take a paternity test? >> announcer: "judge judy." you are about to enter the courtroom of judge judith sheindlin. the people are real. the cases are real. the people are real. the cases are real. the rulings are final. captions paid for by cbs television distribution 20-year-old tyhee walls is suing his ex-girlfriend, 22-year-old sheera lowe, for lying to him about the paternity of her daughter and for throwing his laptop across the room. >> byrd: order! all rise!


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